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code V00309 Victoria 8/R 35mm projector mechanism, air and water cooled (independent blower), optical sound head with reverse scan reader and power supply, magnetic flywheel, oil damper, safety dowser (with remote control), conical shutter, standard sprockets, motor (voltage and frequency to be advised), stabilized power supply (d.c. from single phase), clutches weight compensated for 4000 metre spools (12,7mm dia.spindles) with loop absorber, 35mm. film guide rollers, type B pedetsal stand with set of large rollers for film path, long beam, electrical changeover control (sound and picture), 2 three aspect ratios aperture plates (aspect ratios to be advised), framing lamp, levelling screws, contactor slow start, switch and pilot lamp for rectifier control
Same as above with Victoria 8 35/70mm. projector mechanism and B  type  pedestal  stand for  4000m.  spools -
   less magnetic sound head type "A" six-channel


Производитель Cinemeccanica
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