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Barco PC Touch Panel Сенсорная панель управления проектором

Enhancing the overall ease-of-use of the DP series, Barco introduces the new Communicator Touch Panel as a standard projector component across all models. Designed for multi-user command and control, the Communicator enables users to learn quickly and operate efficiently - using an elegant and flexible touchscreen interface. The interface's commonality means that operators can intuitively use any model in the product line, without restriction, and its user-friendly nature translates directly into a short and enjoyalbe learning curve.

Key benefits
Full version of Communicator software provided "as standard"
Embedded PC version on the DP-1500, DP-2000 and DP-3000
"Touch" PC component is removable, enabling customers to use their own SMS (Screen Management System) display
Elementary redundant keypad is available on the projector
Provides "fingertip" control over the projector's lamp, dowser, test patterns, diagnostics, presets, ACS-2048, and server
Optional integration of server GUI on the embedded PC
Optional laptop "Communicator" version is available
Cinema facility administrator defines user level and password for all operators
Based on user login, software provides "trace" capabilities in case projector mistreatment
Installers and "freelancers" can follow a Barco "DP Series Operations" training course. Upon succesful completion, personal user login is issued.  


Производитель Barco
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