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XpanD ONE new system

XpanD ONE™ is a new system for smaller venues only i.e. with a maximum capacity of 150 seats, this figure being contractual!

This solution is for a fixed theatre installation only and will have to be registered in the XpanD database.

The XpanD ONE™ kit includes the following:
1 XpanD ONE™ secured controller/emitter (limited range for 150 seat auditoriums) all in one box!
1 mount
1 tester + all related installation cables
150 X101 new secured and sealed active shutter glasses.

What if the theatre is over 150 seats, will the emitter still work?
This emitter is specifically designed for a 150 seat theatre, the package deal is only meant for 150 seat theatres or less.
Can I purchase more X101 glasses over the 150 that comes with the package?
Yes, you can purchase as many X101 glasses as you need at your standard dealer discounted price.
Can an exhibitor move this system to another 150 seat theatre?
Absolutely! As long as the auditorium is 150 seats or less. You are however still required to report to XpanD within 30 days of the move so we can update our database.
Will this special promotion be available all year?
Yes, the XpanD One is part of our product range and will be available the whole year through and beyond.
Why a promotion for 150 seat theatres or less?
We understand there is need for smaller theatres who could not necessarily afford a full XpanD 3D cinema kit. With this promotion, we will fulfill the needs of smaller exhibitors. Due to the upcoming amazing 3D movies line up in 2010, we also expect some larger cinema owners will look for more programming flexibility by having one or two additional smaller 3D ready theatres inside their multiplexes.


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