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EUROSEATING ARGENTINA A02 Кресла для кинотеатров

The stylised forms of its structure give a modern air to this seat, specially created for concert halls. Achieving the ideal acoustic characteristics without making sacrifices in comfort has been the reason for the almost exclusive use of curved, anatomical shapes in the back part of the seat and backrest. This model is also the most versatile in our catalogue: different armrests, finishes with perforations, heights of backs and even sides have gradually been incorporated into installations around the world.

Seat Centres: 52 cm. / 20.472" - straight rows.
Overall Height: 91 cm. / 35.826".
Back: Traditionally upholstered with open cell foam and ergonomic wooden back.
Seat: Traditionally upholstered with open cell foam. Wooden seat panel. Tip up with double spring.
Standard: Central Steel pedestal.
Armrest: Solid wood.
Numbering: Brass for row and seat.


Производитель EUROSEATING
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