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EUROSEATING Roma PL Кресла для кинотеатров

The latest model in our range of cinema seats. While the rounded shape of its body and wider backrest are its main features, the added comfort of a larger backrest and the reduction of space between bodies are its technical improvements. As in the rest of our models, the sides can be supplied in injection moulding or in the traditional steel version. The arms and bodies are made of textured polypropylene.

Seat centres: 554 cm. / 21.259" (cup holder / writing pad)- straight rows.
Overall Height: 100 cm. / 39.370"
Back: UNIBLOCK II upholstery system. Textured polypropylene outer back.
Seat: Fixed or Tip up with double spring. UNIBLOCK II upholstery system. Fully upholstered with zip also available. Textured polypropylene seat shell with perforations for acoustics.
Standard: Strengthened and textured polypropylene. Steel also available.
Armrest: Injected and Textured polypropylene (with or without cupholder).
Numbering: Plastic for row and seat.


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