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EUROSEATING Riazor Кресла для кинотеатров

A different idea for a seat which can be adapted to all ambiances thanks to the predominant use of fabric in the seat, sides and back of the backrest. In addition, here, the basic lines of the structure are particularly strongly emphasised; a straight back and a curved leg in the upper part which smoothes out to finish in the metal foot of the floor fixing. The whole is upholstered, with wood (long arms extending all along the side and the lower part of the back made of wood) and brass details (numbering) which give this design an elegant, personal air which is far above normal levels.

Seat Centres: 52 cm. / 20.472" - straight rows.
Back: 95 cm. / 37.204". Traditional upholstery system - removable cover with five vertical stitches. Wooden back panel.
Seat: Tip up with double spring. Fully upholstered with zip; wooden seat panel available.
Standard: Wooden MDF fiber. Fully upholstered with metal base for fixing.
Armrest: Solid stained wood.
Numbering: Brass for row and seat.


Производитель EUROSEATING
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