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EUROSEATING ARGENTINA A02 Кресла для кинотеатров

Sober and practical, this model has a folding upholstered seat with a complete zip-cover and the option of the UNIBLOCK finish if varnished wood panel is preferred. The backrest is upholstered using the UNIBLOCK II system (but the traditional system with seams is also available), forming a single whole with its wooden back available in any colour of varnish finish. Option of steel sides, this seat is perfect for any kind of theatre or assembly hall.

Seat centres: 52 cm. / 20.472" (regular armrests) & 54 cm. / 21.259" (writing pad)- straight rows. Overall Height: 95 cm. / 37.401"
Back: UNIBLOCK II upholstery system / Traditional removable cover with vertical stitches & zip. Wooden back.
Seat: Tip up with double spring. UNIBLOCK upholstery system (wooden seat panel) or traditional cover with zip (fully upholstered).
Standard: Injected & textured polypropylene / Injected & textured polypropylene with anti panic writing pad. Steel available - both options.
Armrest: Solid wood.
Numbering: Plastic for row and seat.


Производитель EUROSEATING
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