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Цифровой адаптер для создания дополнительных каналов окружения.

The DTS-ES Extended Surround decoder provides exhibitors with added dramatic surround effects. Designed to take advantage of the latest innovations in surround sound formats, Extended Surround/ES technology allows filmmakers to dazzle audiences with sound that envelops them from the rear and dramatically improves localization.

An increasing number of film directors are using ES Surround�s additional rear channel, which is routed to an array of speakers along the back wall of the auditorium. This extra back channel is matrix-encoded into the left and right surround channels, much as a center front channel in optical formats is matrix-encoded within the L and R channels. Providing a fully immersive and engrossing cinematic experience, sound effects and other material can literally sweep around an audience � even seeming to fly over them � through the use of left, right and center surround loudspeaker channels.

Using the latest DSP technology, the DTS-ES provides digital one-octave equalization of all channels, and includes separate EQ settings for ES and non-ES modes.  The system is fully compatible with all current 5.1-channel digital formats and systems.


Производитель DTS
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