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DTS CSS Option система субтитрирования
DTS has taken its world-class technology one step further to develop the DTS-CSS Cinema Subtitling System. The innovative unit projects subtitles directly onto the screen, instead of etching or overlaying them onto the film itself. The benefit to distributors is simple to understand: significant cost reductions for limited-use prints, which includes the need for internegatives and interpositives for overlay printing, or the need to perform laser etching and other functions associated with the traditional subtitling process. The resulting single-print solution for worldwide distribution virtually eliminates the need to produce, distribute, store, record and then scrap additional print inventories.

Using the DTS-CSS, distributors can re-purpose domestic prints in foreign markets � to the extent that release patterns and territories permit � without having to create separate prints with foreign language soundtracks, or new prints with subtitles for a given territory. Essentially, distributors can now easily recycle domestic prints by creating a new DTS disc that provides a foreign language audio track or subtitling information to project on the screen.


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